After Myles Munroe’s Death, Bahamas Faith Ministries Growing With New Passion to Keep His Legacy Alive

(PHOTO: CONTRIBUTED/BAHAMAS FAITH MINISTRIES) The-late Myles Munroe (R) and his wife, Ruth.

The-late Myles Munroe (R) and his wife, Ruth.

Just four months ago, news that Dr. Myles Munroe and his wife died in a plane crashed shocked Christians around the world.

In addition to devastating their children, it shook the congregation he pastored in the Nassau, Bahamas. But as Wendy Griffith found out, the church is now growing with a new passion to keep Munroe’s legacy alive.

Munroe was born in the Bahamas. It’s one of the world’s most popular vacation destinations: the white sandy beaches, tropical climate and friendy people make the Bahamas a little paradise on earth. And it was here, on an island just 21 miles long by 7 miles wide, that Munroe rose to international fame.

It was also here, on Nov. 9, 2014 that the unthinkable happened. While flying in bad weather to a leadership conference, Munroe’s plane hit a crane on approach to the airport.

All on board died, including Munroe’s wife Ruth, two other pastors from Munroe’s church and five others.

The tragedy led many to ask, “Why, why did this have to happen?”

“I think in that moment, it caused all of us to kind of question,” Bahamas Pastor Dale Moss, president of Northeastern Pastors’ Alliance, said. “We’re still tusseling wth this.”

Rising Praise

Just four months later the sounds of praise continue to rise from Bahamas Faith Ministries International Fellowship in Nassau, the church Munroe founded. The big difference: their beloved pastor of more than 30 years is no longer at the helm.

“There is a whole in our hearts. The pain, we still feel it,” Patrice Stubbs, a long-time member, said. “It is still hard to believe and accept. We lost our pastor, we lost our mentor, we lost someone who taught us.”

Munroe’s children, Myles Jr. and Charissa, lost more than anyone that horrible day. Myles Jr., 31, who normally shuns the stage, spoke at his parents’ funeral.

“There are no words. There is only faith and trust in God,” he said as he spoke from the podium.

Although still grieving, Myles Jr. spoke with CBN News in the Bahamas about how he’s doing.

“That depends on the day you ask me that question,” he said. “Some days I honestly don’t feel like doing anything, not talking to anybody, just being to myself,” he said.

“My faith in God keeps me moving. It allows me to know that this is part of some bigger plan that He (God) has and eventually it’ll reveal itself,” Myles Jr. said.

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Wendy Griffith