American Churches Urged to Step Up and Help Persecuted Christian Refugees from the Middle East Find Asylum

Brigitte Gabriel, ACT for America

Middle East expert Brigitte Gabriel thinks the Christian church needs to step up and help beleaguered Christian refugees from the Middle East find asylum in the United States.

One of the disturbing aspects of President Trump’s revised travel ban is the removal of a clause contained in his original executive order that allowed for prioritization of refugee claims from members of persecuted religious minority groups. In Muslim-dominated countries, that means Christianity.

Brigitte Gabriel, founder and president of ACT for America, remembers growing up in her native Lebanon and witnessing how Christians were treated in those countries.

“I’m a Christian from the Middle East, and I know what Christians in the Middle East live under – especially the persecution by Muslims who live in the region,” she shares with OneNewsNow. “It’s actually the Christians who are the real persecuted ones, much more than the Muslims are.”

Gabriel says the Christian refugees in the Middle East won’t get a fair shake from the U.N., which has been running the refugee camps. Churches in the U.S., she says, need to step up on behalf of their brothers and sisters in Christ.

“Unfortunately right now churches in America are not focusing on going out and basically raising the money to bring Christians into the churches and having them adopted by families,” she laments. “Some very small churches are doing that, but that’s literally one percent if even [that] of the total refugee population that Christian churches are bringing to America.”

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Chad Groening