Another Catholic Priest Killed In Mexico Amid Increasing Violence

The Pope celebrated Mass in a trip to Mexico last year, rebuking Bishops for failing to support local priests.

Another Catholic priest has been murdered in Mexico, the country’s bishops have said.

The death of Felipe Altamirano Carrillo, an indigenous priest in the state of Nayarit on the Pacific coast, brings the total number killed to 32 since 2006, according to the Catholic Herald.

The Council of Bishops did not give more details but local media reports he was shot dead while driving on Monday.

He is the second priest to be killed this year in Mexico after another was found dead in the northern state of Coahuila in January.

The deaths are part of an alarming trend of violence towards ministers with 52 killed since 1990 and at least 17 since 2012.

They may be a victim of a general increase in violence with some experts pointing out a spike in priest killings in 2006 coincided with a wholesale increase in casualties as the Mexican military began its attempt to crush drug-related violence. ‘Priests are not the only martyrs in Mexico,’ said one missionary working in Mexico.

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SOURCE: Christian Today
Harry Farley