Baylor’s Center for Christian Philosophy Will Host Inaugural C.S. Lewis Memorial Lecture

Jerry L. Walls, Ph.D. will present “C.S. Lewis and the Case for Mere Purgatory,” for Baylor Center for Christian Philosophy’s inaugural C.S. Lewis Memorial Lecture.

Baylor University’s Center for Christian Philosophy (BCCP) will host the inaugural C.S. Lewis Memorial Lecture from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 30, in room 250 of the Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation, 1621 S. Third St.

Lewis’ vast body of work as a writer and Christian apologist has had widespread influence in Christian literature.

“No writer in the last 100 years has been able to speak to the ordinary person about extraordinary ideas,” said Trent Dougherty, Ph.D., associate professor of philosophy and BCCP program manager. “He’s the best communicator of theology and combines intellectual and imaginative aspects, engaging people’s intellect and imagination.”

This year’s speaker is Jerry Walls, Ph.D., professor of philosophy and scholar in residence at Houston Baptist University. His lecture, “C.S. Lewis and the Case for Mere Purgatory,” will discuss Lewis’ concept of purgatory and argue that Lewis provides good reasons to affirm a version of the doctrine of purgatory, for Protestants as well as Roman Catholics.

“He’s a very esteemed scholar with degrees from Princeton and Notre Dame, but he’s also an effective communicator and considered to be one of the most readable philosophers,” Dougherty said.

The BCCP provides a space for Christian philosophy to be discussed and exemplifies Baylor’s commitment to Christian principles, Dougherty said.

“This lecture and the institute are examples of places where Baylor is living out that Christian commitment in concrete form,” Dougherty said. “This is something we are pursuing actively to maintain the Christian identity of the university.”

Dougherty said the BCCP is proud to present this event and hopes it will have widespread appeal. This lecture is free but people who plan to attend must register on Baylor ISR’s website.

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SOURCE: Baylor Media Communications
Terry Goodrich