Bulgarian Church Where Jews Found Refuge During Holocaust May Receive Nobel Peace Prize

Metropolitan Kirill (C) of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, has been noted for his heroic defiance of the Nazi Holocaust during World War II.

A campaign has been launched to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the Bulgarian Independent Orthodox Church for ‘heroic acts’ to protect Jews in the Holocaust.

The campaign is being led by Bulgarian-Israeli lawyer Moshe Aloni, according to The Jerusalem Post.

The church voted unanimously in condemnation of anti-Semitic laws during World War II and vocally opposed the deportation of Bulgaria’s 48,000 Jews to Nazi death camps.

Aloni, who leads the committee for friendship between the Israeli and Bulgarian Advocates, nominated the church in January for its ‘brave acts of heroism’.

Aloni said last week that while his campaign has gained support from Europe and the US, he is still seeking to raise awareness and backing from the Israeli community.

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SOURCE: Christian Today
Joseph Hartropp