Charles Stanley’s Atlanta-Based In Touch Ministries Is Reaching Around the Globe

First Baptist Atlanta pastor Charles Stanley gives Messengers to the entire staff of a small lodge in the Serengeti, Tanzania.
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When pastor Charles Stanley launched “The Chapel Hour” in 1972 on Atlanta-area television stations, he probably never dreamed that 45 years later his ministry would become so expansive that it would cover most of the earth.

Many may contend that few people have had the impact upon the world for good and for God like the pastor of Atlanta’s First Baptist Church and the founder and president of In Touch Ministries.

“In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley” programs are seen and heard around the world on more than 2,800 radio and televisions outlets. And, through the means of modern technology and communication, the former Southern Baptist Convention president’s messages can be heard on every continent in 150 countries. His sermons have been translated into 114 different languages and counting.

‘The most exciting time in history’

In his book “Courageous Faith,” Stanley writes, “We are now closer than ever to getting His Word out to all people. With the Bible in more languages and with technological improvements, God has enabled us to reach even the most secluded tribes on the planet.

“I believe we are living in the most exciting time in history, able to tell so many people in so many different countries about Jesus. Platforms for communication that no one dreamed possible when I was a boy are now everyday tools for taking the Gospel around the world.”

One of the communication devices Stanley was referring to is the pocket-sized Messenger, In Touch Ministries’ flagship solar-powered audio device that holds up to 65 of Stanley’s sermons, the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs in a variety of languages. The Messenger can hold content in two languages at a time. There are actually eight different devices in the Messenger Lab family, each one designed to meet the needs of specific people groups who have their own communication challenges.

Distribution of the solar-powered audio devices

To date In Touch has given out more than 750,000 of these solar-powered audio devices valued at a total of more than $26 million. In Touch does not sell the devices, but gives them away as a part of their worldwide ministry.

Since the shelf life of each device is long and each device must pass certain stress tests to ensure durability they can be used for years. Some of the devices are used to communicate the Gospel to house churches and Bible study groups. So, one device could potentially touch the lives of hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Gerald Harris/Georgia Christian Index