Christian Mom Says Facebook Still Censors Her Page

(Photo: Loice Venance, AFP/Getty Images)

A Christian blogger says Facebook continues to censor her page, even after it apologized for shutting down her account after a discussion on biblical views on homosexuality.   

Elizabeth Johnston, who writes “The Activist Mommy,” told CBN News this week that her fans report they are having problems accessing her Facebook page and sharing or liking her content.

“People are contacting me saying, ‘I cannot access your page at all–my app shuts down when I click on your page.’  They say, ‘I cannot share your page–there are no share buttons on your videos’ or ‘I cannot like your page–when I like your page and I go back the next day it is unliked,'” she said.

A Facebook spokesperson told CBN News that Johnston contacted the company about the issues and that a representative is working with her.

“We are actively looking into the issues that have been raised,” said the spokesperson. “Facebook is a platform for all ideas–we want people of all different perspectives and viewpoints to feel welcome to share their thoughts on Facebook.”

For now, Johnston says she’s convinced that Facebook is censoring the posts of Christians and conservatives and says she thinks there should be a congressional hearing on the issue.

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