Deaf Muslim Man Leaves Islam for Christ After Being Introduced to Sign Language Translation of the Bible for the First Time

A Muslim man who is deaf gave his life to Christ after a friend invited him to a Christian church where he was introduced to a sign language translation of the Scriptures for the first time.

According to Florida-based Wycliffe Associates, one of the world’s leading Bible translation organizations, a Muslim man referred to by the name Ayo recently left Islam and accepted Christianity after attending a Wycliffe outreach event hosted by one of their church partners in a country that hasn’t been named for security reasons.

“I know God used my friend to invite me to church today,” Ayo was quoted as saying, according to Wycliffe Associates’ online blog. “I have never been to a Christian church before. I have grown up as a Muslim. I mostly go to the mosque with my family; I have to, since my family expects me to. But, as you know, there is nothing that I gain by attending the prayers.”

Ayo, who is the only deaf member of his family, explained that the problem he encountered while attending services at a mosque was that nobody at his mosque could converse with him in sign language. He added that no one at the mosque “cares about teaching me.”

“Today I felt at home. I understood everything going on here,” Ayo added. “The approach to teaching God’s Word has touched my heart. I have clearly seen myself in the life of the prodigal son. God touched me. I feel very much at peace.”

Despite the fact that he can’t hear, Ayo now knows that God loves him no matter what his weaknesses are.

“I have made up my mind to follow Jesus Christ, as taught today from God’s Word,” Ayo said. “I know God accepts me just as the father accepted the prodigal son when he came back home. Please pray for me. I know there will be much opposition from my family and friends.”

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Samuel Smith