ISIS Fighters are Torturing and Beheading Christians In the Philippines, Holding Some Hostage as Human Shields and Sex Slaves

Philippines army soldiers return from an operation to retrieve bodies of casualties from the fighting zone in Marawi City, Philippines June 28, 2017. (PHOTO: REUTERS/JORGE SILVA)

Islamic terrorists linked with ISIS who have overrun Marawi City in the Philippines are using Christians as sex slaves and human shields. The terrorists are from the Maute group and have sworn allegiance to ISIS.

The terrorists overran the city of 200,000 people over a month ago, and they are now being pushed out by the Philippine Army. The systematic counterattack has reduced the terrorists to holding just a few city blocks.

Within that shrinking space, the terrorists are rumored to have 100 Christian hostages which they are using as human shields. They are also forcing women to serve as sex slaves.

Survivors report men are forced to act as mules, carrying wounded fighters on their backs to safety.

Among the hostages is Father Teresito Soganub, 56, known to friends as “Chito.” Fr. Soganub was ambassador to the Vatican and is a known advocate for peace. He is well liked by both Muslims and Christians alike. It is unclear if he will escape with his life.

The government is refusing to negotiate with the terrorists for the release of the hostages. Following a brief truce for the Eid celebrations, the government resumed attacks which include bombings from the air.

The terrorists are going to lose. The power of the Philippine Army is too great to resist. The only question is what will happen to the hostages.

While Islam is surging around the globe, the world is starting to wake up to the danger of militant Islam. More nations are joining the fight against terrorism and winning.

Militant Islam is a threat to the entire world, and those who practice is must be stopped before they can do harm to others.

SOURCE: Catholic Online
Marshall Connolly (CALIFORNIA NETWORK)