Keith and Kristyn Getty’s “Sing!” Conference Highlights What American Christians Can Learn About Singing from the Global Church

American ministry leaders who want their congregations to sing more can find inspiration in the worship services happening every week around the world.

That was the message given to the hundreds of church leaders packed into Brentwood Baptist’s sanctuary Wednesday morning during the Sing! conference. The inaugural three-day event put on by Nashville-based modern hymn writers Keith and Kristyn Getty is a part of the duo’s ongoing effort to revitalize congregational singing.

During Wednesday’s international panel, ministry leaders from the Dominican Republic, India, Northern Ireland, Uganda and Zambia took turns sharing their experiences.

Bob Lepine, the co-host of the FamilyLife Today radio program, lead the discussion. He jokingly quizzing the crowd about how many thought worship in heaven would look like it does in the U.S.

Singing is part of some countries’ culture

“We can easily fall in to thinking that eternal worship will be like we do it in our home church,” Lepine said. “But that’s not the case because our home churches are all very different in how we gather together in worship.”

Singing is a part of the social fabric in some countries.

“We sing when we are happy. We sing when we lose a loved one. We sing when we plant crops. We sing when we are harvesting. And we sing and rejoice in church,” said the Rev. Peter Sozi, a pastor in Uganda.

He thinks churches across the world should make more time for singing.

Singing is prevalent in Zambia too, said Conrad Mbewe, who has served as a Baptist pastor in the African country. However, songs need more depth in their Christian teachings to counter the “mindless Christianity” that has swept the continent, he said.

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SOURCE: Holly Meyer
USA TODAY NETWORK – The Tennesseean