Kenya Fights to Send Somali Refugees Home, They Go as Missionaries

(Photo Courtesy United Nations Photo via Flickr) Aerial view of Refugee camp in Dadaab, Kenya

Despite Kenya’s High Court’s decision to overturn the government’s plan to shut down refugee camps in the country, Kenya’s government isn’t listening.

Dadaab: Refugees Sent Home

World Mission recently visited Dadaab, Kenya—home to the largest refugee camp in the world. Most of the refugees there are from Somalia, a war-torn country facing drought. The country’s border is about 25 miles east of the camp.

While at the camp, World Mission workers saw hundreds of Somalis put on buses and shipped back to Somalia. World Mission workers also discovered that out of the thousands of refugees in this camp, very few are Christians.

“[The Kenyan government] is trying to close it down,” World Mission’s Greg Kelley explains. “But you don’t just move 400,000 people with the snap of your fingers, so they’re doing it incrementally.”

Yet, after hearing the stories coming from Somalian Christians in the camp, it’s a wonder why more people aren’t eager to go home.

“They work like dogs all day long, the few Christians, to make the equivalent of one dollar, just so they can feed their family, “ Kelley shares. “And then a number of them told me that they sleep with one eye open because al-Shabaab is constantly prowling around looking for Christians and they’ll take their children, they’ll never see them again. So the persecution is just almost unbearable.”

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SOURCE: Mission Network News
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