U.S. Navy SEAL Dies Defending Iraqi Christian Town from ISIS

Photo courtesy: GoFundMe/Charles Keating IV

A U.S. Navy SEAL was killed while defending a Christian town from an attack by Islamic State militants.

Christian Today reports on the heroic actions of Navy SEAL Charles Keating IV. Keating, 31, was killed by an Islamic State sniper in the battle for the ancient town of Telskuf, Iraq.

Keating was reportedly one of five American soldiers present in the town when Islamic State militants launched the offensive. Peshmerga forces Commander Safa Elyas said Keating and the other American soldiers joined him and his forces in repulsing the Islamic State attack.

He added that it was the fiercest battle his men had seen, lasting for five or six hours. About 430 Islamic State fighters were killed. The Peshmerga forces, with help from the Americans, were able to win the battle, although 20 percent of the Nineveh Plains town was destroyed.

Safa atttested to Keating’s bravery in the heat of the battle. “They [the Americans] fought until they run out of ammunition. The American martyr [Keating] was killed at the battle by a sniper.”

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SOURCE: Christian Headlines
Veronica Neffinger