WATCH: ‘Vicar of Baghdad’ Canon Andrew White Says Christians Must Engage and Love Muslims, ‘99.9 %’ of Them Not Terrorists

Canon Andrew White, the “Vicar of Baghdad,” speaks about ISIS in a video released March 28, 2017.

A prominent Anglican vicar whom Islamic State has threatened to murder is urging Christians to engage the Islamic community following the London attack, noting that “99.9 percent” of Muslims are not terrorists.

Canon Andrew White, also known as the “Vicar of Baghdad,” released a video on his YouTube channel Tuesday calling what took place in England a “horrendous event” where a policeman and three others were killed outside of Parliament last week.

“We can’t just say it’s ISIS, it’s ISIS, it’s ISIS,” White said. “So much of it is connected, but the reality is that we are faced with an awful, incredible, international terrorist backlash.”

We have a choice on how we react, he noted.

“Either we go on the defensive, we stand back, we tell people how evil this all is, and we restrain ourselves and do not engage with the Islamic community. We must not.”

“Now is the time for us to move out — not just about converting people but about making known our belief that we are to love people. And that Jesus and His message is about love. That is the message of Hashem, the rule and the love,” he said.

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SOURCE: The Christian Post
Brandon Showalter